Plaza Tile Indian Slate Series

Plaza Tile was founded by the Plaza brothers in December 1962, settling its production site in Alcora (Castellón). Plaza Tile Since its foundation it has became a specialist in the production of wall tiles and complementary pieces. During the company development, it maintained its family business character, even after the incorporation of a new management team. Plaza Tile converged in different points of ver with the company business strategy. In 1994 the Plaza Artero brothers acquired the 100% of the social capital of Plaza Tile and continued the expansion policy and the enlargement of the range of products. Plaza Tile is one of the best examples of the rapid technological transformation experienced by the Spanish ceramic sector. In January 1989, Plaza Tile started a new production of wall tiles using the porous single firing system, reaching a production level of 5000 m2/day. At the beginning of 1992 a new line was installed, which was able to reach 3000 m2/day. The total production in that moment increased up to 6000 m2/day. In October of 1995 the first oven, installed in 1988, was substituted by a new one, and the wall tiles production reached a level of 8000 m2/day. At the same time, the building of a new factory for floor tiles production had already started. Plaza Tile placed in Alcora (Carretera Ribesalbes s/n), started its activity in June of 1996, with a potential production capacity of 7500 m2/day. After the initial difficulties, always involved in the beginnings of a new factory, Plaza Tile currently offers a wide range of both wall and floor tiles, as well as complementary pieces like listelos, borders or skirtings, which satisfy the needs of all the consumers. Buy Plaza Tile Indian Slate Series at

Indian Slate Series

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